Camp Kaleidoscope
Save the date - August 8, 2023

Children were given the chance to laugh, cry, grieve, and celebrate the ones they loved and lost during Hospice of Dubuque’s Camp Kaleidoscope. On August 16, 2022, children across the tri-state area came together at the Swiss Valley Nature Center to gain tools to support them as they navigate their grief journey. Each child in attendance had one main thing in common—they were missing someone very special. 

Throughout the day, the children participated in activities such as aromatherapy, nature immersion, journaling, and art therapy. These activities were designed to help them remember and celebrate the lives of their loved ones and provided an opportunity to talk openly about the people they love and the emotions they carry. 

A hearty dose of fun was also incorporated into the day emphasizing to the children that laughter is an important element of their grief journey. To end the day, family members were invited to join their child for a special memorial service in which butterflies were released in memory of loved ones. This tied together the theme and name of the camp—a group of butterflies, which is known as a kaleidoscope. 

To learn more about this opportunity, please call 563.582.1220 or contact our Bereavement Coordinator, Mary, via email.